About Us

Good Empire was founded by André Eikmeier in 2018, when he left the fast-growth global online wine retail startup he'd co-founded and had been CEO of for the past 12 years.

Growing increasingly concerned with the way the world was headed, he knew he could either keep complaining about it at dinner parties, or he could try to do something about it.

The original idea for Good Empire was conceived on the 35 minute walk from the boardroom to his airbnb, which was basically to gather a small group of smart, fiercely purpose-driven and aligned people and start to change things that needed to change in the world.

But change is more effective with collaboration, rather than competition, and so we placed ourselves in service of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, seeking to find a way we could help that wasn't already being done.

What we soon learned was that most organisations dedicated to changing the world for good were either front line charities, on the ground, doing the hard yards; awareness and fundraising charities; or activist groups protesting or lobbying for change from governments and industry.

All worthy, all inspiring, all needed.

But with the state of government and big industry being what it was, and is, we saw a need for people to be able to choose to make changes in their own lives, regardless of what policies their governments did or did not support.

The idea of a nation without borders, without government. A people united in their vision for the world. In what they valued. Equality, abundance, sustainability.

And thus, the vision for Good Empire started to come to life...

Meet the Team

André Eikmeier


Hello, I'm André. Nice to meet you.

I've been a startup founder for many years and more recently a champion of change for good.

Probably best known for co-founding and building an online wine startup called Vinomofo into a $100m global company, renowned for its strong brand and community, and for helping make wine less conservative and more relatable.

In 2018, I founded Good Empire, with a vision to create a global community platform for projects that unite and empower people to live more connected, purposeful, and impactful lives.

I have two kids, growing up fast, and maybe a third, depending on when you're reading this!

I'm driven by truth, love and purpose - to bring to life a more equal, abundant and sustainable world.

David King


Hey! I’m David.⁠

I’m the ‘builder’ at Good Empire, which pretty much means I piece the websites together and I do all the techie stuff.⁠

I love skateboarding, making videos, learning about new tech and I’m a huge dog fan. If you look at my Instagram explore page, it’s pretty much only dog videos.⁠

I’ve been called the 'Golden Wizard' by my friends at Good Empire. They tell me it’s because I’m a wizard with tech stuff and I have a personality like a Golden Retriever.⁠

Kat Grantham


Kat here, Hello! ⁠ ⁠

We may have already connected. I am all about the Good Empire community, this means I love chatting with people from Year of the Planet, One Million Butterflies and everyone else that has come into contact with us. Hopefully, you all feel super welcomed and loved.

I’m passionate about people and wish to always leave them better than I found them.⁠

I have a picture of a Bee and KIND tattooed on my arm, hopefully, it reminds those who pass me that it’s easy and oh so important to ‘be kind’ to ourselves, each other, the animals and our planet.⁠

Josh Usher

Product, Impact, Culture, Operations

Hey everyone! I'm Josh.

I'm a newbie in Australia, but an old hand at all things product, impact and culture.⁠

I’ve started a few organisations now, and love the challenge of getting teams as productive, creative and aligned as possible.⁠

My true passion is stopping climate change. My personal goal is to reduce emissions by one million tonnes in the next decade by rallying people and organisations.

On weekends you can find me building lego with my kids or planning out my dream eco-home.

(Josh founded international engineering design consultancy Misty West, working with the likes of Intel, Amazon and WWF on impactful projects.)